tongue tornado
All our clothes make it to the ground, and you crawl upon me cupping my swelling breasts. Oh yes, those little pinching pain of my hard tits, and your sharp and sensual gaze through my luscious curves, all these antics make me crave you more.
You now feel my body as you lift your weight of me. You now make your way to my cunt. Even before your tongue, the scratchy kisses of your beard has got me wet. You then bury your face in between my thighs, leaving gentle bites on my flesh and making them red. You slowly begin to smell me and then suck my lips - I begin to rotate my hips with such passion that my pussy is so wet and she runs so free.
You lap up every last drop of me, your tongue knows hows to treat a lady - my lady! Rapidly thrusting your wet tongue deep into my pussy, and I moan loudly for it to not stop. There... the festivity has ended, the souls are sealed, and I bow down in surrender to the mighty tongue tornado!
(19 June 2019)

and i smile...
buttery fingers and mellow voices
make their way gently
into the darkness of life,
a little up, a little down
and hits the right spot
swirling around in the wetness
an orgasm drenches the body,
and i smile...
(5 March 2019)

mushy love
he is so slow sometimes,
reading text messages
replying to them...
he takes ages!
may be he's growing weak.
at times, it annoys me -
i lose my patience
make the arrghh noise to him,
but then, he casually observes me
and patiently waits for the moment
to wear me down
he simply holds me tight by my hips
and kisses me...
i love it then,
he makes me feel how priceless i am -
when it comes to loving me,
well, he works beyond his strength.
(14 October 2018)

he was of dark coffee brown,
a cynosure to all the thirsty eyes
a prey to be pounced on!
while to his eyes was that goddess
whom he loved and lusted
cared and cuddled
kindled and kissed...
and every night was different,
filled with newer urges,
covered in the blanket of moonlight
sharing the juicy kisses
the mortals united completely -
in body, mind and soul.
(8 October 2018)

silken sheets
there slips the silk sheets
down on the cold floor
as i swirl into him like a serpent
he whispers stories into me
millions of tales unsung
for every night is saved
for a new chapter to begin...
(26 August 2018)

the dark poison
waiting for the dark god,
eden shed many leaves
and bore many flowers.
coming late to consume
his jasmine
circling round her, he  hums
lost in the sweet scent
he alights
but love's dizziness spreads wild
lust dripping everywhere
his moustache is dipped in these nectar -
blissfulness lights in the heart somewhere.
(9 May 2018)

i felt love
there he came -
wearing a golden-hat,
bouncing, bouncing high
to that silent melody,
he made me laugh
and i felt love -
to all those imaginary men
that those novels idolized,
here was a lover before me
golden-hatted, high bouncing lover
a mad-hatter who made me want him more. 
(7 May 2018)

soft porn
the lamp-lights burn
as i engross myself in a gripping book
the lights further dim down
and a warm breath caresses my earlobe
he whispers gently
and i lose myself
o what pleasure for once
of closing a book
and beginning to read another
a fresh start
a fresh chapter
and the lights are put off!
(18 March 2018)

i wait for him
i wait for him
with the desire mounting
the wait seems too long
and i can't resist the temptation
the urge to hold him
to want him...
my hands softly pass round my bosom
and i call him in imagination
to feel me
to feed into me...
the naughtiness of a young woman
an attire so formal
making the erotic look exotic
the fantasy in my mind
runs wild...
o that luscious curve of the cleavage
and the elegant skirt
waits to invite him to play a game...
a wild game
of grabbing, hugging tight
of kissing, sucking
of tickling, cuddling
of making love...
with the desire mounting
i wait for him
(16 December 2017)

over my heels
he comes home tired,
how do i please him
and welcome him to me...
there's always a way to his heart
the playful naughtiness of a girl
something that he will never resist...
i grab him by his shirt
push him against the wall
and stretch myself over the heels...
well, the story then begins -
kisses to silken sheets to cuddles
my day is made in love...
(15 December 2017)

moustache love continues
the lust of the moustache continues
as the night falls and love hides in darkness
where upon this scented earth have i a god?
a dark god all to myself!
indeed, it's just a play of the senses
and the communion happens with kisses...
undressing the love
and tasting it in its purest form
is but a thought like a love forlorn...
when does this thirst recede?
when can i lie in the chaotic peace?
and when can i kiss the dark god in delight...
(14 December 2017)

moustache love
how the hand wishes to feel his chest hair
and ruffle through his curly hair
there comes the seducing moustache smile
and i surrender to his command
o what sweet scent and what sweet charms
with what magic trick had he taken me in his arms
running my lean fingers on the terrains of his body
he feeds into my luscious curves and kisses them red
those cuddles, and those warm whispers
tickles my senses as i roll over
and i feel the caress of his breath on my neck
sending down a strangely sweet feeling
as i chuckle softly teasing him
gently leaving love bites over his chest
and pulling his moustache
o what gleeful laughter and what tough voice
with what illusion had he cast on me as his choice
(12 December 2017)

a memory
Dimming lights and extinguishing scented candles
The communion was hearty, heavenly and godly
Love bites and sweet pain all over the mortal bodies
But the passion then and now remains undefeated -
In the chill of December, I fantasize the unthinkable
I see new roses blooming in my garden of ecstasy
A new beginning to this end, a precious tear drop rolling down
Distance, Intensity, Moustache, Passion, Lust, Entrance and Sleep -
They carry much a reverence, striking features of the Dark God
I am embraced by his arms to his dark chest, to his warm breath
Twirling his curly hair I store memories,
Running over his lips I leave a mark,
With scratchy kisses, he makes my soul want more
A thirst that gives pleasure and asks for more.
(1 December 2017)

Blissful Nakedness
Tears of passion roll down the cheeks
as his hands hold me tight by the waist
This moment, the most passionate
fine tunes my sensuous memories
I lock my lips in his dimples
and gently twirl his chest hair
The scratchy kisses from his moustache
run over my bosom wildly
Leaving me in pure delight
for I lie in the arms of blissful nakedness
(27 November 2017)

that desire
His collar-bone was filled with my red kisses,
while I was completely intoxicated in his dimple,
and the world caught our communion in glimpses,
for he held me so tight which came to him so simple.
(4 October 2017)

letters to you
dear diary,
you have all my memories
from the day i met him
till the day we parted.
i must confess
i miss him terribly
i miss his touch,
kisses and soft held clutch.
his grainy dimpled cheeks
caressing my body,
those lips playing wildly
with my full breasts
and that scratchiness of his moustache..
o, what love, what feel it was!
when he grasped me from below
i felt the whole universe turn mellow.
my red lips swelled from all the sucking
and gentle love bites left a mark deeply
in the hollow of my neck and cleavage.
what moments i have in my memory
none can take them away
for imagination allows no thievery
and i revel in this trance of bravery.
forever yours..
(26 September 2017)

Call, come, cup, curl, caress.
'Cool', he replied.
(25 September 2017)

My lips press against yours 
and create a passionate turmoil
in this holy ceremony
of uniting lips
that swell in redness
a sign to show
an opportunity not wasted.
(20 September 2017)

Steam grew intense in the sauna
His gaze grew tighter -
Moving closer and closer
Our hands connected -
In that hot atmosphere and hazy vision
I could see the lust melting down
His dark brown chest calling me with passion
Within seconds we were in each other's arms,
Kissing generously and passionately
The tickling was killing me in pleasure
That moustache made the loveliest scratchy kisses
And the whole act was a bliss.
(17 September 2017)

Black Sugar
Those hands of a middle-aged man
Darkened over the years of sun-tan
Runs over my belly, slowly and softly
This dark god feels my flesh and I love him!
Now comes the soft but scratchy kisses
That black moustache, and its movements
Over my full breasts, that tickle on those nipples -
This dark god feels my flesh and I love him!
His feet gently caress my calf muscles and thighs
What lovely touch he has -
His very presence gives me an orgasm
This dark god feels my flesh and I love him!
Our tongues play wildly and lock above
Below is another tongue tasting another pair of lips
We could never stop, and do this forever -
This dark god feels my flesh and I love him!
(6 September 2017)

just a fantasy...
A dashing ecstasy in its genesis
Evokes the turbulent emotions in wild pace
Darkness and light intertwined like milk and coffee
A new life of love and lust -
Begins as the metamorphosis to seductiveness grows.
Linen clothes melting down as hands move around
A night of pleasure as the legs wrap the warm bodies
Just not enough kisses -
The tongues wildly play in the lick
Sucking the nipples as the warm breath caresses my ear
We elope into the wildest fantasy -
Of sex, sex, and only sex.
His body against mine, a beautiful sculpture
Greedily I take him, and savour him, every inch of him.
(4 September 2014)

I don't want to mix sex and verse
For there is always an impose of
Metaphors which spoils the rawness
And particularly when you think of it
Like a path to purify the body and soul
With a fusion of feelings and emotions untold
In this holy act of sex.
(4 September 2017)

harmony in a mayhem
in the arms of the brown god
lying in the jacuzzi with bubbles covering us
legs around hips in a beautiful mayhem
he took a bite of the plump me
I reflected in gleeful laughter
his moustache caressing against my ear lobe
the harmony of mingled bodies and souls was seamless
(1 September 2017)

Requite of a Love Sought in Imagination
there was Duality in him,
an Immersion of light and dark -
the partition of his black thin Moustache
tempted me Purely,
as if there were two Lustful satans -
I confided in him my body and Emotions,
leaving him to surf the terrains of Su!
(31 August 2017)

let me in...
Dimpled cheeks, listen to me
i whisper in your ears
for i want to immortalize this mortal love -
let me, o let me into you
i want to feel you today -
it's morning, you say
but early hours of the day are the best
for our physical communion -
let me in, i want to wander through
the depths of your body and soul
i want to revel in the abyss of your body
and never let the burning desire extinguish -
let me in, i want to get lost in you.
(31 August 2017)

I couldn't refuse...
"Come near... touch" he said
in that manly voice whispering,
and warm breath close to my ears.
I couldn't refuse.
A scent of fresh nectar
did he wear, the dark chest calling me
to sleep over.
I couldn't refuse.
He was fire and water intertwined
and I was but his worshipper -
a dark god all to myself.
I couldn't refuse.
(30 August 2017)

Voluptuous body held softly in those rough hands,
An entire universe topples down into these lovely lands.
(30 August 2017)

Passion of a Kiss
Burning in the passion of desire,
He lay beside me, naked and wet
The little logs of wood brightly lit
Just enough to see the naughty cheeks
We slept on the soft grass curled
Under the blanket of starry night.
Bleeding kisses and growing cold
Couldn't stop us from making heat
Amidst the rustling of the branches,
Dry leaves crushed beneath
As we rolled over and over
There was a beautiful harmony of love and lust.
Immensely quenched in the saliva of sex
I sought recluse in his arms
Twirling his chest hair and gently pulling his moustache,
I asked in whispers, "Does it hurt?"
A coquettish smile spread across his face
Kissing me impulsively for long and all over.
Upon taking a pause to breathe the satisfaction
All I could say was, "That's it!"
The heat of passion increased as the night's chillness grew
Those tender love bites on my bosom,
The red lipstick marks over his dark chest
With dimples he smiled and my world was unified.
(29 August 2017)

Encounter of Pleasure
He comes closer as night's darkness covers
Running his rough fingers over my bosom
I feel a tumult of emotions gushing down.
On the silken sheets, against the walls, on the cold floor
We made love, we made vegetable love.
Unhooking my bra straps with his teeth,
I was slowly unzipping his pants below.
We made love in the labyrinth of moonbeams
Curled in each other's arms, the world chuckled softly.
I never wanted this moment to recede,
But time is an enemy to the pleasure and leisure,
Yet, moments such are worth the carpe diem.
(21 August 2017)


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