Saturday, 29 October 2011

You're Mine!

Who says you're not mine?

Who says you don't love me?

I know you because I've loved you and doing it still,

I know when you're happy, when you're sad,

Though your lips don't utter a word of joy or sorrow.

I understand your heartbeats, every single one,

Whether that beat is of fear or for the one whom you love.

I finish your sentences knowing exactly your thoughts,

Nevertheless you reveal it to others or not.

I can sense your presence when you think of me,

Yet you pretend to stay quiet.

I get the strong feeling that you're always here, with me,

I really don't care what the world says, I'll always love you,

And I believe that someday you'll definitely accept my love and value it.

I shall be waiting for that day, for that moment, until my last breath!


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