Friday, 23 March 2012

Hachiko - A True Symbol Of Loyalty!

“Hachiko – A Dog’s Story” is a wonderful movie. This movie is based on a real incident which had happened in Shibuya. The movie begins with a school boy narrating a story on ‘My Hero’; so, he narrates the story of Hachiko. This dog, Hachiko [read: a pet name for a pet, Hachi] is first found by a monk and this monk sends Hachi to a different place, to someone who would take good care of Hachi. But the future of Hachi was differently written; Hachi is lost in his journey to his new destination and lands in the hands of a professor. The professor takes Hachi home along with him and he simultaneously tries to find Hachi's rightful owner – but no one turns up. The professor adopts Hachi and both grow friendlier in their bond of ‘closeness’. He trains Hachi in some basic acts which dogs can easily learn to do, like holding the newspaper, fetching the ball, etc. Hachi learns many habits except for fetching the ball. When the professor used to leave for work, Hachi would accompany him till the railroad station and would again go there and wait for his master when he would return from his work. This action followed every day.

One day when the master left for work, Hachi was trying to tell something to him but the professor did not understand. He then left for work but Hachi did not accompany him. Hachi picks up the ball and runs to reach his master near the railroad station. The professor sees Hachi and the ball in Hachi’s mouth; he then takes the ball and throws it and asks Hachi to fetch it. Hachi brings back the ball and the master is really proud of Hachi and he feels really happy that it was Hachi’s first fetch! Then the master leaves for work but he never returns because he dies by getting a cardiac arrest. Hachi keeps waiting for his master day after day. When the houses change, the master’s daughter takes Hachi to her home but Hachi escapes and comes back to this railroad station. Hachi waits for his master’s return; he waits there for nine years. This marks the true love, loyalty, trust and faith.
Hachiko’s story reminds me of a saying, “It’s only a dog which loves you more than it loves itself”. This quote is definitely true and if I ever get to keep a dog, I’ll certainly name it Hachi!
The real Hachiko was born in odate Japan in 1923. When his master, Dr. Eisaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University died in May, 1925, Hachi returned to Shibuya train station the next day and for the next nine years to wait.
Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya railroad station.


Anonymous said...

About the blog - I have seen the movie, and any movie that narrates a dog's story will be treat to watch. Reason? I love dogs. I love animals. To top it, as you have said Hachiko is a true story, and that makes it more interesting. Yes dear, I believe only a dog can love it's master more than it can love itself. I salute God for blessing us with this wonderful creature.
- Vishwanthar Ramaiah

Suhasini Srihari said...

I'm extremely sorry for the late reply. And yes, animals are the wonderful gift for us humans to understand the very notion of love and caring.

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