Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meditative Moments

Meditation is often considered to be an act of connecting with the cosmic energy, yes, this is right. But the stigma attached to this is "what is the right way of doing meditation?" Many people think that it is a must to sit down on the floor with crossed-legs, with hands clasped, an upright position and with the eyes closed. I would say that this is just a good body posture. But for those who would like to start off with inculcating this art in them, I would recommend the beginners to try any comfortable position, because until and unless your body finds no relaxation, it is not easy for the mind to seek concentration. However, the crossed-legs and the clasped hands help in locking the positive energy within the body. It is the circulation of this energy that one finds solace from his/her distressed life. The beginners can sit in this position and meditate but remember, the body posture should be comfortable!

A person who sits to meditate is supposed to close his/her eyes, this is because 'eyes are the windows of the mind'; if eyes are not shut then the mind is not completely relaxed. Initially, the person may find it difficult to concentrate as there are several thoughts revolving in the mind - so, he/she shall concentrate on the breathing process. The intensity of breathing will be more in the beginning, but with thorough observation on the breathing process the density of the thoughts reduces. Gradually the breathing line also reduces and then the meditative phase moves onto the no-thought state. This is the state in which man completely loses attachment from the world and connects himself/herself with the energy of the universe. Attaining this phase gives birth to several questions with respect to the mystical happenings, makes us realize that materialistic values hold no position in our lives and it is only knowledge, observation and good deeds that lead us to connect ourselves with spirituality.

Meditation can be done at anytime, it is an art to relax oneself and by extension one's mind. In the beginning one can also listen to any relaxing music [meaning, a type of music which is pleasant to the ears] and start off with the basic way of attaining relaxation or rather a momentary and a blissful escape from the line of reality to the line of spirituality.


Pankaj A. Desai said...

I am glad to see you write about meditation.
And now Mr. Walker will have to depart as well! ;)

Suhasini Srihari said...

Haha.. Nice to see your comment Pankaj! I meet Mr. Walker and the company only in family get-together, and moreover it is the logo that I'm so deeply in love with. I find it symbolic of what Robert Frost says in one of his quotes which goes like this, "In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: it goes on!" :)


Its a very good article which i would perfer to read for meditation.
I wish u write more like this.

Suhasini Srihari said...

I'm glad that you liked the write-up on meditation Kritz! Hope you join me in this activity soon!

Dhriti said...

I completely agree with you Suu!! :) Meditation is something so relaxing! :)
And I love the quote you put up - 'eyes are the windows of the mind'!! :) So true!

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for the comment Dritz! I'm happy that I have company to discuss on topics such! :)

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