Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,
Today, I write this note to thank you for I have learned of your value. And I want everyone else also to know how important you are in an individual's life. I know that you will not share this note if I had simply written in your pages as you have been extremely loyal to your master by being 'secretive' all through your life.

Last night when I had to make a new entry in your pages, I just took a few minutes to read the past but those few minutes became so precious moments to me. You brought back all the memories with every single detail to the present as if I was living those moments again. The time when I relished the most favourite dish prepared by the loved ones, the moment when I admired nature at its best form and the day when I attended an interview where several friends tried connecting to me to wish me 'Happy Birthday' - all of them danced right in front of my eyes.

I have learned of your power, that you are simply not a memory storage book but a mirror that shows the individual's changes in himself/herself. The moments of joy and sorrow is all history written in your pages and the trust that the master has on you is limitless as the master knows that you will never reveal what is inside you and you would go far to protect those writings even if it was to pledge your life. There is no doubt that the master's secrets can escape from your majestic hands. My dear Diary, you teach me the actual way of living, that how one should always listen and act as a helper to only help the individuals themselves.

I love you for what you are and you are indeed my 'best friend'.

Lots of Love,


Arun said...

When the New Year around the corner, new diary on the desk to be explored, your write up is opt to add to your blog. Shall I say I am really impressed by your timing and the write up. I am really feeling good to read a nice write up. Have a nice weekend.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Ah... I did not really notice the perfect timings Sir. Good that you told me about it and thank you for the comment!

Vivek M.V said...

Dear Suhasini

The power of writing can never be questioned. And activities like these, where everything is expressed in a book by an individual, it really gives an indication of how important one must consider writing to be. The best way is to be the reporter of your own life, by expressing your feelings close to you in a book and be with them all your life, cherishing and learning from the memories.

Shivani said...

I really enjoyed this! Very personal and heartfelt!

Suhasini Srihari said...

Certainly Vivek as I believe there is no other mirror better than a 'personal journal'. :)

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you Shivani! :)

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