Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Admiration for Literature

The effect of literature is beyond comprehension,
For it provides sensitive thoughts in rhetoric,
Kindles our conscience with ornate use of words,
Helps us connect with the past in delight,
And philosophize everything that we learn.
A constant turmoil is built in the mind,
As one is perplexed in making a decision,
To choose a book for the day's read.
The classics and the moderns also fight,
For the superior post and respect in the library,
It is so that, at the end both are equally vital for study,
For the classics build a robust base, and moderns,
They stand upon it having the ancient as their roots.
Poetry, prose, novel - all genres are the intoxicants,
Even a drop of them all makes you get addicted,
Also, they are enough to drive humans crazy,
Crazy in a sweet way; to amelioration mostly.
Such is the power of literature to make you feel,
Feel emotive, feel nice, feel knowledgeable, and also,
Feel extremely small in the right and beautiful way.


Arun said...

Your words in deed speak of the worth of not only literature and also about reading as well, well said. I am sure more of such write ups help your readers enlighten and share their thoughts, have a nice day

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you Sir. And my write-ups are merely an effort to portray best my thoughts. I still have a long journey to go for I believe I haven't learnt anything as yet. Hope to get constant support, guidance and feedback from you always Sir! :)

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