Friday, 1 February 2013

to love again

Time to live the moment again,
Love is knocking at the doors,
The sky at night is filled,
Not in haste but in calmness,
For its time to enjoy a moment,
To fall in the arms of the beloved.
Awaiting the right moment now,
As all moments are sweet,
But some are in its way unique,
Strangely sweet that is.
The urge to feel the presence,
Of my beloved at this very minute,
Rekindles my faith in love.
And I once again trust,
Blindly trust those words.
Hope is the only material,
Left in me, yes, and love too.
Forever a bond is what I seek,
For I will die someday,
But the love lives eternally.


Arun said...

I am sure, no one denies the power and strength of love and its positive side changes the world and the humanity. Being part of wonderful parents and siblings, friends and well wishers I did got through wonderful time in love, hope every one gets the same. As usual you made me start morning with positive note. have a wonderful day

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for the reply Sir! :)
Love indeed is the sole purpose of us human beings.

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