Sunday, 24 November 2013

Undying Spirit

Oceans so deep, serene above while dangerous inner,
Has always deceived man in his nature of exploring manner.
Centuries passed, yet the blues wander through - terror,
Furious the minds become of, for they misjudge power.
Many wiles have been intended by and to him, knowing -
He still journeys, unaccepting his defeat, is continuing,
As he knows, he finds his chest of gold some day, not far,
But the travel is onerous, and he has to change; get a mar,
Wounds that speak of his name in honour, reeking of blood,
Tends to reach his destination - end, he dreamed of as a bud.


Vivek M.V said...

Beautiful! Would love to know what inspired you to write this.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you Vivek! It was just in the fit of a passing moment that I compiled these lines.

Arun said...

As usual I am going to repeat myself. Good verse. I wonder inspiration though one might not pin point at a particular aspect help in making one to come out thorough various forms poetry, sketch, an essay, letter or any other form in which the person is in a mood to express I am sure you do that in verse through blog. Have a nice day

Suhasini Srihari said...

Moments of epiphany are several for me nowadays, I try as hard as possible to present it in words, I feel verse comes easily at times. Thank you for the lovely words Sir! Have a wonderful time ahead! :)

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