Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Four Friends

Four friends walking on the sideway, for the road was empty and they were responsible ones, they walked on the sideway, thinking of the pleasant days of childhood where no money was involved, of their youth, where all discussed of their eagerness to pay the bill of the treats, of their not so older selves and the passing. Yet, the circle began again. The conversation began all over when all four paused. The oldest one was pointing toward the sky and the rest looked up. The blue expanse had a healthy dose of puffed clouds with a lot of silver linings. A play of colours, had set the sly at a corner, yet without the sun, the play was incomplete.

The conversation became intense for it was being loaded with reminisces and the jocular pranks made by one to another. Time was a fleeting foe but at this juncture it stood there still before the friends, seeming to show that the world had never been a victim of change. Speaking of change, the youngest spoke more wisely in the manner of constructive work while the second eldest appeared to remain romantic and continued looking at the blue spread above. The dark shaded clouds were occupying the vastness of the sky, unhurriedly though - forewarning the friends something usual would happen yet that would seem unusual. The usual rains poured down but this time they were not the same, which once had possessed the power to attract children to play. The four friends immediately took shelter in a nearby shed, and each wondered if they had changed. The youngest of all paused for a moment and stepped out, stood under the pouring sky ushering the rest to do the same. The friends played in the rain, it was as if this rain rejuvenated them all, more so had awoken the child within them. And they reunited once again.

Dexter and Panda 


Arun said...

Wonderful story

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you Sir!

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