Monday, 18 August 2014

celebrating my 23rd birthday as a teacher...

July 7, 2014 was my first working day at St. Anne's Degree College, and the journey so far has been a nice one! From the first day till today, I have been learning a lot, probably more in scale than when I was a student. As days passed, my apprehensions and anxieties gradually reduced; and I must sincerely thank all my teachers who took an effort to pour in me some wealth called knowledge. I, now, realize all those onerous tasks that my teachers took every day, only to come prepared to the class and stand in a position where any question shot at them, they would gracefully answer it.

Besides perceiving 'teaching' as a challenging job, let me also tell you what fruits of benefit I have received from this. Being a teacher has, obviously, made me a good learner. It has disciplined me more, and the mind simply refuses to rest until it has found an answer. As a teacher, one cannot show up in front of the students as a 'lazy bum', he or she must be prepared to take any class and must show up anew even by the end of the day. 'Draining out' is a serious no-excuse for a teacher; trust me, if the students enjoy your class, then there is no other energizing food that can compete with the enlightened young minds.

As a teacher, one is due to receive greetings from the students, well, this aspect has inculcated in me to respect all and especially a greeting returned with a smile can make a student's day! Life has been good in all these recent times and with this truly blessed life, I would like to see my students succeed in all their future endeavours. I wish to celebrate many more of such blessed birthdays!


Arun said...

Let me congratulate on your being a 'teacher', I am sure being a teacher is the one good opportunity to be a lifelong learner, which gives immense pleasure one talks about when we meet them later in life. I happened to meet old students with parents during independence day celebrations this August the warmth greeting that I received really of no way to quantify. Hope your journey as a teacher help you and your students many more days of learning. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and more days to celebrate with great enthusiasm for learning /teaching.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you so much for the kind wishes Sir! Indeed teaching is learning and I am looking forward to the fruitful years that are yet to come!

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