Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bid thee well... Humanity

Pondering over spilled milk is needless they saith,
But doth not it teacheth you the lesson of prudence?
Why then such satire must maketh its way to meanings such-
Wise and philosophical, cert foolish too-
And I doth not understand until learneth it!
For the doer alone knoweth the reason-
From many books, nay from experience,
While, a little from life too, meaning love. 

Language doth change, times changeth,
The doer alone knoweth the reason for change,
For there is no use over spilt milk.
Prudence learnt and learners doth the world,
Languages and times change yet the learning never stops,
Learning in love from love ending in love.
A wordeth that transcends language and it's changes,
One soul and one soul indeed, learnt and learnt across generations.
Yet seeath a child smile in its innocence.
Seeath a nataraja and world stand still

Still, still doth the world stand,
Undeniably still from humane thoughts and actions
Yonder and beyond, have sciences taken us,
Opening thoughts and verses to precision thought,
Gender castes and creed fade in and out
Intution, but liveth in imagination
New and old, morality and immoral, all but live and die in one stillness of the consciousness...

Bid thee well... humanity, for ye think,

Ponder Another New Day Always

Writers: Dexter Suyogin Panda


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