Monday, 16 March 2015


 "Chappie", a South African sci-fi film that speaks of an unseen, devastating future. A time when 'AI' originates with 'consciousness', premonition-ed in its theme, and one cannot possibly deny to witness a time such! A beautifully crafted movie, and a gangster-buff to entertain the eyes with classy wheels and lethal weapons. Though the idea is to show how otherwise AI can turn out to be, the movie hits on sentiments of a robot, Chappie. Chappie, like a child, learns - to speak, to play, to walk, to talk, and to destroy. The days are not so far for Chappie to realize that the connection between the creator and the creation is almost getting disconnected. A final effort to reduce the physical body to just an outer-shell, while 'transferring' consciousness from one shell to another, and thus, immortalizing the being. This movie is worth watching, especially for those who are dogmatic toward AI. I would personally give this movie a rating of 4.25 on a scale of 5.0.


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