Sunday, 16 August 2015

Love is a four legged word!

I got a gift, a priceless one indeed, I got a friend! A friend who asked nothing but to just bestow on me innumerable kisses. She kept on wagging her tail to show her excitement every time when I returned home, sometimes I was out only for an hour or two, but she felt that I was gone away for a decade. She kept on looking outside the window, looking at all the passersby and birds and other beings, but a sense of happiness and special love gleamed in her eyes which was only reserved for me. She didn't care if my jacket was a branded one or of a cloth on which her fur would stick; she simply pounced on me, kissed me, and taught me that materials didn't matter. She has bit me, has scratched me, and has torn my slippers and shoes - I have scolded her for this and have made her feel terrible of this action, but she held no grudge against me, and repeated the same classic mischief. It was definitely not to irritate me but just to tell me to spend more time with her. She yearned, not for food, but for some patting, and petting, and gentle caressing. After all, she puts up with my funny perception of clothing her, while she simply wanted to flaunt her furry body; yet she has no qualms against this because she loves me. She becomes excited when I get ready to take her out to the park for she loves smelling the little beauties of nature. 1:7 is the ratio of that of dogs to humans they say, yet tirelessly my friend waits for me, and even if she is not well, she doesn't miss a chance to kiss me. And when I am down, and if she is around, she will never let me be sad. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, for she has rightly taught me 'to live'.

Dedicated to my dogs - Ricksy, Maxi, Rufus and Murfy


Arun said...

Awonderful wordridden, thoughtful expression. As usual you are good. I started thinking these days people who write/express do love there pets is there a connection to have pets and their writings? I'm curious.

Chandrashekar Manohar said...

Maxi... I remember meeting maxi.. A real sweetheart.. How time flies... Little panda đŸŒ thank you for churning all through the memories and placing a mirror for all to see pets and beyond petting them..

Suhasini Srihari said...

I miss Maxi!

Suhasini Srihari said...

Love, pets, writing, music, art, and many more - all suffice to my interests!

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