Monday, 7 December 2015

Tipsy Bartender

Afloat is the mind,
But thoughts stagnant,
Climbs the wall of clues,
Desperate to float,
Enchanting air surrounds,
Fries become appetizers.
Gilded is the moon,
Hazy eyes drunk too,
Isolation sought with noise,
Jarring sounds accompany,
Kindles the child within,
Laughter beats the day,
Monopoly suffices the time,
None refuse another drink.
Open bar it is today,
Pure bliss I guarantee,
Quite elevated in energy,
Rest followed is history.
Sunrise matters less,
Time bound, yes and no,
Unless you see nothing,
Vivid but is the rising sun,
Welcoming the aura within,
Xanthippe is destroyed,
Yonder much, but steadily,
Zero is your loss to happiness.


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