Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I have been searching for information about the late veteran actor, Vajramuni. But, I haven't got any close to the details. Vajramuni Sir, was that actor who performed amazingly on screen, mostly portrayed as a villain. His active years were probably from the 1960s onward, and he grew only better with age. As a young girl, I did fear seeing him on screen, because he was too true to his character. I remember my mother telling me about an interview of Vajramuni Sir, which she had watched, or read, or heard from another, where he openly tells the interviewer that his own children were scared of him after they saw him as a villain. This indeed is a compliment to an actor, for he has made an immense effort to bring alive to the audience a fictional character. But, at the same time, on the home front, Vajramuni Sir had to bear and combat these problems.

Now, when I watch his movies again, I could no less agree but admit that Vajramuni Sir was an excellent actor. No actor, or reel-villain could stand a match to this eminent actor back in his days and even to this day. Such is the involvement and dedication an artist must show in his artwork.

While, surfing the internet, I did come across a video and I am sharing this with you. Vajramuni Sir, as an actor and as a person, will forever live in our praises as long as the Kannada film industry grows.

Video - Click Here


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