Tuesday, 2 August 2016


"Kabali", the much awaited "thalaiva's" movie, sadly didn't go too well with an ardent Rajni-fan like me. The movie has nothing new to offer, the story script is too familiar, and the twists are much too predictable. An aged Mafia Leader tries to make his life after his term of imprisonment, and the usual gang wars to build the havoc element - make the central theme. The movie seems flawed at the very basic levels, the dialogue script is too puerile, and apart from Rajni and a few others (the experienced oldies), there is not even a single soul to have pulled off their characters with ease. The songs too didn't hit the mark as expected, and the comic element is simply absent. If at all there is anything that has elevated this movie to a status above its estimate, then it's only because of Rajni's stardom. His acting is commendable, and is often seen through his mannerisms. The highlight of the whole movie is in the way Rajni tells "Magizhchi", and he has done it with great ease. Overall, I would personally give this movie a rating of 3.2 on a scale of 5.0.


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