Monday, 12 September 2016

Cauvery Water Wars

It is a terrible sight to watch people burn down vehicles and properties. There is no excuse for "violence", and violence is definitely not a "solution"!

Yes, some of the intellectual minds have argued with my say on violence by stating, "How else will the poor get justice? Protests are the only way out!" I bet the same intellectual minds would certainly take a different stand, mostly a contrary one, when their own family members and friends are involved in the protests.

I will not blame the Kannadigas or the Tamilians for the chaos caused in both the states, for no people's community in its right senses would indulge in riots such as burning down vehicles, harming people based on their mother-tongue, and causing huge inconvenience to the other dwellers.

I blame "YOU"!

Yes, you, the quarrel mongers, the riot makers, and the chaos creators!

As a teacher, it pains me to the core to see students participating in this madness.

What are you fighting for?


Has it occurred to your senses that more WATER will have to be used in cleaning the mess that you have created in burning down the city?

Violence is not a "SOLUTION"!

Why can't you show this anger on TERRORISM?

Why can't you show your intolerance on INCAPABLE POLITICIANS?

Why can't you slam CORRUPTION?

Why can't you fight against RAPISTS?

Why can't you be a HUMAN?

Think of the friends you've had, and have, I am sure most of them do belong to that other language community. They too have families just like you, and they don't live a lavish life but live on meager income that they get from hard core jobs that they do like driving autos, taxis and buses. You are not helping your state to improve in any manner, instead you are sowing poisonous seeds of enmity, and always remember, "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW".

My sincere request to the QUARREL MONGERS (not Kannadigas or Tamilians), please stop this chaos!


Arun said...

You are right violence is not the solution for the problems, it is the common man who suffers.

Suhasini Srihari said...

The situation here is in great heat. A curfew is enforced, but many of our other works are delayed immensely!

yoganand said...

Hmm...guess you haven't read Frantz Fanon's "Wretched of the Earth"... 'intellectuals' have a different perspective...not entirely addressed or acknowledged in your reading...

And wonder who the "common man" is...the middle class "man"...aren't farmers "common men"?

Suhasini Srihari said...


The tenets of Fanon's views on "lumpenproletariat" may not have been ingrained in my memory thoroughly, but I do certainly doubt the role of 'intellectuals' in the present scenario. Seldom do these people come forth with radical arguments, instead the whole idea of intellectualism is merely 'charlatan-ized'.

And as far as the other comment on "common-man" made by the other blogger is concerned, well, let me just rephrase it - "the people who indulge in such fights are common-(wo)men, and their families too meet the same ugly end some day or the other".

Thank you for reading through my write-up, Sir!

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