Monday, 24 October 2016


A very informative Monday indeed! I had an opportunity to meet the first 'Mizo' writer in English (to have written the first Mizo-historical novel in English, "Zorami"), Malsawmi Jacob. The discussion was rich in narrating the Mizo history and bringing the North-East Literature to the forefront in the Indian Literature. Ma'am also spoke on how tough it was for her to sail through the process of novel creation as she was particularly dealing with the violent times in the history of Mizoram, and the trauma that people had to bear during those times and to re-narrate it when the writer asked them. The protagonist of the novel, Zorampari, literally personifies the land Mizoram, and thus the story takes its form. The discussion revealed a lot new insights and perceptions of Mizoram and North-East Literature; and on the struggle of language acquaintances (thinking in Mizo language, and writing in the English language) while writing the book.

Ms. Jacob could spare a moment to sign my copy of "Zorami".


Arun said...

Seems to be interesting book, as usual waiting for your review.

Suhasini Srihari said...

It is a nice book, and I have recommended the same to you on Goodreads.

Arun said...

Thanks for recommending on GR, waiting for the book to arrive to start reading.

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