Monday, 2 January 2017

January Insights

Over the galloping mountain ranges by the window side, and the wet roads making the scene more serene, the heart is well in its place. The walk through these calm roads, the absence of the chatter-chatter of the people, and the leaves bearing the reflecting water bubbles, all make ordinary appear surreal. Insights are newly framed and these help to see the sublime beauty in all things big and small, wise and wonderful. To live a new life, to start afresh, and to begin as a child, the innocence is born again.

O the child within feels so delighted, jumping all over the place, and bringing the roof down. After all, there is melody in a child's laughter and little bunny-screams. The home feels new, and so is the whole family, for the newness is not in a new day but in a new mind. Overcoming fears, leaving the ugly past behind, and to march ahead like a true hero is what makes a heart strong. There will always be a hand to hold you, eyes to look after you, and a heart to love you. And all you have to do is, well, just wait.


Arun said...

Its always good to read words flowing like poetry. The beginning of the year nice to read your posting. Hope to read more of your works, that come out your magical pen.

Chandrashekar Manohar said...

How do you manage to capture and stick to an emotion long enough to savour in its glory?

Suhasini Srihari said...

Again, you are too kind to say those words for me. Thank you for being a wonderful friend of mine!

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thanks to you, Dexter, I've learnt it from you only!

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