Sunday, 12 March 2017

Telegram over Whatsapp

Whatsapp has been a popular messaging app for a long time now. It has attracted millions of people, and has proven itself to be a basic requirement tool. However, the 'popularity' comes with its own set of loses. And, after Facebook having bought the app, there is always a threat to privacy. Initially, people switched to Telegram because Whatsapp provided very limited set of group-memebers-addition, but when it raised its limit, people started using it more often. Telegram is similar to Whatsapp, with a few improvisations. This app is more secure than Whatsapp, and can function on different devices at the same time. This happens to be one of the best advantages of Telegram, for one can totally avoid the circus of installing and uninstalling the app on different devices. 

Telegram provides 'stickers' which is real fun to use while texting, and the operating system connects to you as a 'bot' where you can create your own accessories by simply typing the commands to the bot-messages. The app is more secure than Whatsapp; and it has something called a 'secret chat' which will remain between the sender-receiver, and will remain on one of the devices in which the chat was first initiated. 'File sharing' is swift on Telegram where it supports upto a transfer of 1.5GB of data, while Whatsapp fails to do so in this case. Since Telegram and Whatsapp are basically messaging apps, it doesn't matter much that Whatsapp now has audio/video calling facilities. 

Telegram/Whatsapp, both serve the purposes of free messaging (of course, with internet) - but both the apps are tailor-made for people looking for specifics (calls/stickers/file transfer/security).

If you have tried both the apps, then please do let me know which of them you prefer and why?


Arun said...

Thanks for the post, in fact I just started the telegram.

Suhasini Srihari said...

I hope you have a good experience!

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