Friday, 14 April 2017

life happened while sipping the piping hot 'pilter kaapi'

What is it like to see a sun rise and a sun set?

What is so mystically beautiful about the moon?

Why do we say brighter days and gloomy nights?

What is it that we are actually trying to communicate to others?

Wait! Are we really that generous to talk about such stuff with others?

Or are we just talking to ourselves by having a dialogue with others?


Sun sets and sun rises; there is full moon and there is no moon; and there are gloomier days and brighter nights - but why is there an exaggeration on this romanticism, aren't these occurrences natural?

We are living in an age where we are steadfast with time, we have no patience what so ever, and no matter for whom so ever. We have rid the naturalness from our lives and have quaffed the materialistic values with ease, we have naturalized the unnatural. The need of the hour, as most of us feel, is to return to nature, and the reason is not that we have forgotten these phenomenal elements, it's simply because we have begun to neglect and eventually ignore these happenings.

We rush through everything, starting with waking up in the morning to taking a shower to traveling to work to eating food to drinking coffee to getting to bed in the night. We are led astray, and we do not realize that life is in the present too. Failing to see what is actually happening in and around us, our minds take on a different way of thinking. Rains were our best companions in those gay old childhood days, but now, the thought of the damped roads and traffic jams due to rains puts us off. We have built contradictions like such with many other aspects. The amount of insensitivity that is slowly growing in us has to be stopped.

There is beauty and magic in savouring the tastes of the food that you eat. The twirling of the wine glasses, and the aroma it gives must be enjoyed as if you were already intoxicated. The yellow and the white spheres ought to be appreciated for they are the symbols of early love birds singing, and the secret lovers meeting late. Life does not happen when you shove your nose into many things, it simply is and happens while you enjoy sipping the piping hot pilter kaapi.


Arun said...

Well said. I don’t know how many enjoyed the full moon or watching the sky in the dark night. I am sure in a quick span of time changes in technology and its impact made the world so fast - including “fast food”. Where do one get time to enjoy as it is treated sipping kaapi or dancing/drenching in the rain as wastage of time or trivial matters.
As with the first question regarding romaticising the things that are natural – probably to make people aware or see the beauty by romanticizing the natural otherwise one ignores or don’t see the beauty - its jut occurred to me.
I always envy your posts.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. 'Romanticization' has become the need of the hour, that is what I feel. And there's really nothing in my writings that you could be envious with.

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