Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Rolling Entry One

Greetings to all my dear lovely readers!

This is probably the first time I have come up with an online journal that takes and shares accounts of my experience with WHEELS. I shall be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences that I encounter while practicing Roller-Skating. I really don't know what form are these entries going to take, but I'll try my best to make an entry as often as possible. And I hope to get your support, love and encouragement as always.

Let's get started!

4th April, 2017 - Tuesday

Well, I had a pair of double-line roller skates when I was in school, but I bought a new pair just last month, and have been practicing at home. I don't have enough space but I make do with whatever little space is available. Since I have always wanted to learn roller skating, I somehow learned to balance on the wheels, I can pretty much walk with the skates on. Trust me, I didn't go to any classes. It happened like more of a trial and error method. Let me also tell you one more thing, I still haven't had a 'fall' - fingers crossed!

Today's practice was the very basic ones, with the skates on, I just walked forward and backward. I tried to push the skates a little on one leg by kicking off the other, and I am slowly getting used to it. It was actually fun to practice in the early morning hours, under the young rising sun. Murfy accompanied me by just watching me practice. She sat on her broad throne (the solar panel cell-board) and watched me as I rolled away. Looking at the birds, and practicing all alone with no teacher but only the un-quenched thirst growing more to learn a new skill was/is all I had/have. About two hours of just walking to and fro on skates was enough for the day, and that almost completes today's entry.

Well, who knows, I might put the skates on again and just walk in my little room!

That's all for now, and I hope to make daily entries, which obviously will ask me to practice daily. Let's see, with all the other works and studies, I am not sure about the daily practice, but I will be certain enough that I practice the skating very often and write my little experiences.

That's all folks!

Yours lovingly,
The Panda


Arun said...

When ever I see new posting I feel how come you start with simple lines but I end up in amazing read. Great beginning hope to read amazing postings on this, have nice practice without a fall.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for those lovely words, Sir. I simply write what comes to mind first.

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