Monday, 31 July 2017

to feel small the right way

Untidy clothes and unkempt greasy hair, Akshara loved playing in the fields. She was no seeker of education, but she loved to learn. Everyone in the village adored Akshara, except for when she refused to go to school. The elders of the house somehow convinced her and Akshara had no choice but to accept.

The school was not made of tall walls, but it did block the much needed air. The dilapidated condition did not invite Akshara in any manner. Days passed by and she forced herself to go to school. She had made many friends though, and she seemed to be an average student. It wasn't like she disliked studies, but she felt that the amount of homework being dumped on her and the rest was not nice. There were times when she would finish all her homework, and there were times when there would be red bold lines on her tender palms.

Cribbing and whining all along the year, Akshara managed to clear her exams with average marks. The school was working on renovating the walls of the classrooms, and to care and encourage children to become educated adults.

Akshara's parents had now moved to the city, and the father went in search of a good school for his little girl. Soon, Akshara was going to one of the schools in the nearby vicinity. This school was different from the almost torn former school in the village, but was not that appealing. She was made to read books in the 'Library Hour', and they were little story books. Akshara was the kind of girl who would do things halfheartedly if she didn't like doing the imposed work. To her surprise, she enjoyed reading the little stories and soon made it a habit.

Akshara would borrow a book each day from the library, and would promptly read all through the night. Looking at Akshara showing interest in reading, her parents worked hard to give her a quality education. As Akshara began spending most of her time with story books, she made very few friends, but she was happy with books, classroom and few friends. This didn't stay for long though, for her friends soon began distancing themselves from Akshara as she was always seen reading books and not talking much. This behaviour became a little annoying for her friends, and soon Akshara was left with none by her side. Akshara, at that moment, felt that the whole world had abandoned her, for it was an age that believed friends mattered most.

Years rolled down, and now Akshara, a young woman, is sitting on her couch reading a book. It's a novel now, and she is at peace for she has realized that both people and books make one feel small, but people do it the wrong way, while books do the right way.


Arun said...

Good story.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you!

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