Saturday, 29 October 2011


Vivek (born on 19th of November, 1961) is one of the leading Tamil film comedian along with Vadivelu. He is more of a satirist than a slapstick comedian. His movies draw humor from scenes of daily life in Tamil Nadu (especially Chennai) and surrounding regions. His jokes often relate to serious subjects, such as bribery, over-population and other political corruption among other things; but is has appeared in lighter parodies too. Vivek is more conscientious and his comedy has more serious undertones than that of his contemporaries. He often targets hypocrisy in Indian society and politics; and uses satire well to point out contradictions which are often taken for granted by the people. He is famously called as 'CHINNA KALAIVANAR'. He is also well known for his readiness to spoof almost any celebrity. We find Vivek mostly popular with the urban people as his comedy is of more immediate relevance to them. In rural areas, he is less popular than the other comedians such as Vadivelu, Senthil and Goundamani. He has starred in numerous films since the early 90s as a supporting actor and now as a main comedian. He has also won five film fare awards. He is a way too amusing!


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