Saturday, 26 November 2011

Connection with the Cosmic Energy

Life is enjoyed when everything seems to move on systematically and smoothly. We need to be active every time and not fail against stress and confusions, instead we must learn to cope up with stress and structure our thoughts like a clear stream in order to avoid confusions. For an individual to work calmly and in an organized method in the daily stress situation, he needs to have built in him a level of ‘tolerance’. Yes, tolerance would help us avoid as many problems or rather conflicts as possible. This concept is very similar to the controlling of one’s tongue - just as one thinks before whatever he has to say or talk [read: speaks politely, uses soft words but hard arguments], same way if one learns to control his mind; he would certainly master the technique of being tolerant.

The art of learning to be calm comes from ‘approach from within’. We must first learn to know ourselves better, only then will we be able to comprehend the mystical happenings of the world. We have lost the connection with ourselves and constantly blame time. Time has never been cruel to anyone, instead it continues to do its work sincerely irrespective of how great or bad a person might be. Time has never failed in giving opportunities to everyone but we have certainly failed to make use of the opportunities just because we did not know ourselves better. We do not take out time for ourselves at all in this steadfast chaotic world. I shall not completely blame it on mankind for this sort of a scenario but somewhere, we play a major role in having set such a scenario. It is man again who can take a chance to set things right.

When an individual understands himself in great depths, only then will he be able to make his mind free from the chaos of it all. To understand oneself, one must undergo a thorough introspection and find out his strengths, weaknesses and confidence level. This can happen in the absolute surrendering towards oneself; this comes with a price of understanding oneself. “Who apart from you alone can know you best?”

Meditation provides us with inner peace and thus leads us to the path where we could connect to ourselves. Meditation helps an individual to free his mind from all chaos and conflicts he is in. The freedom from chaos and conflicts create in an individual, the space for the ‘self-concern’ to bloom. And only self-concern can lead one to understand others. Until and unless one does not make an attempt to understand oneself, he will not be able to make his decisions quickly and effectively. He mostly regrets on his decisions after a period of time. Meditation mirrors a self-created image which was the fundamental barrier towards surrendering to oneself. This barrier has to be shattered by the individual alone; meditation can only guide you to lead your way. Meditation cleanses all the dregs attached to oneself in the form of emotions and thoughts, so as to make the individual come back to reality. It also provides the individual a clear space to understand his potential which in turn leads him towards the source of connection with the cosmic energy. Eventually the individual also drives himself onto the ecstatic state. Without touching and being in the state of ecstasy, all words bring false expression which makes the self to deny the truth of life.

Meditation can certainly help one to learn the art of being tolerant, art of self-concern, art of being ecstatic and the art of true living. After all, we are her to learn how to live life the best.


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