Tuesday, 10 January 2012

what is it like to be a Pen Lover?

Pen, in its own way, is such a mesmerizing object to me. A pen to me is more like a guitar to a guitarist, a pleasant zephyr to a poet or a writer, weights to a weightlifter and love to a lover. A pen to me is my love! Yes, I love pens.

Ferrari Racing Red Fountain Pen
Recently, I bought a ‘Ferrari Fountain Pen – Racing Collection’; I fell in love with this pen instantly.  I admire its structure, the titanium nib, the ink cartridge and the pen-cap with the Ferrari logo. It really amuses me to watch the friction-less, smooth flow of ink onto the paper, as if it were some flower voluntarily offering its nectar to the butterflies. The body of this majestic pen is made up of resin [read: a hard plastic material] material and it is blood-red in color, this color is symbolic of the brand, Ferrari, yet it gives a dashing look to the pen. The pen-cap has the logo on the holder and the name ‘Ferrari’ imprinted at the end of the cap; this design seems to be portrayed as a mark of class and elite. The titanium nib has a few arrows like lines embossed on it and this metal is thoroughly supported and held by the resin plastic, here, it is black in color – the nib is such that it has qualities of both the formal looks and the funkiness. The combination of the interior black color, exterior blood-red color and a tinge of yellow for the logo, all amassed gives a remarkable product. The feel that I get when I write with this pen is wordless; it is as if to an actor his Oscar Award and to a hacker his new cheat code. The Ferrari Fountain Pen is such a wonderful piece that man has created. This simple creation has left me awestruck and has tickled my heart to love it. I would also recommend this pen to be in a pen-lover’s pen collection. Very well, to be a 'Pen-Lover', it is really an amazing feeling!


Vishwanthar said...

Hey, Suhasini. I didn't know that you are pen lover. I am a pen lover too. I used to collect Hero pens when I was in school. I now have a Sheaffer and a Lamy fountain pen. Just like you I am fond of fountain pens. They will always continue to amuse me. I believe it is one of the best inventions. About the writing, it is a nice piece. The use of the appositive is appropriate. We shall discuss some specific nuances of the language.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for the comment Sir! Glad to know that you too are a 'pen-lover'; would love to see the Sheaffer and the Lamy fountain pens soon. I also acknowledge your comment on my writing, hoping to learn more!
Cheers to life!

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