Friday, 21 December 2012

A note on Love...

Love is a just another feeling in us similar to that of hunger, anger, happiness, depression, etc. However, love stands a foot higher to the rest other emotions as it is the only feeling which teaches us how to give, care, and be affectionate - on the other hand how to become a human!

Love in all its facets teaches us to be more concerned about those whom we are close to. That is why, we must love as many people as possible so that we have this love within us in various forms - love between us and our parents, love between us and our siblings, love between us and our relatives, love between us and our friends, love between us and our teachers, love between us and our pets, love between us and our partners and many more.

Love is something that ameliorates us and also destroys us if we understand it in the name of 'security', 'misunderstanding' and 'possessiveness'!

So, as long as you live, learn how to live and love is one form which teaches you a better way of living!


Arun said...

Good morning. Very interesting thought provoking thoughts on love, I wish every one thinks in terms of true meaning of love, as I read in newspapers what happens in the name of love, my heart bleeds for those who narrow down the meaning. I am really happy to read nice thoughts, have nice day. I consider myself lucky to be part of your follower of your blog, thanks for sharing.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for the kind message Sir! I wish to hare more such write-ups on a regular basis! :)

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