Wednesday, 12 December 2012

in the clutches of MODERNITY

As I walked past the streets near my home, I noticed one thing with has in today's world become a prominent sight; yes, the various and numerous 'concrete' buildings. My journey extended in search of a green lane but I could not find one for some distance. And when I found a park, there was pity in me but the joy was completely dead. Amidst the chaotic and compact world, here was a tiny patch of greenery though suppressing its sorrow of being trod upon yet radiating positive energy to its visitors. I thought of a very famous painting, The Scream by Edvard Munch, this great man made his masterpiece decades ago depicting the deterioration of environment and oneself in the ever changing world.

"What has the modernity done to us?"

We have certainly forgotten to seek joy in little things or events or moments; we are so caught up in stabbing the other and using them as tools to climb the ladder of comfort and luxury.

"Have we not any morality left within us?"

We have become an epitome of 'cannibalistic' figures, always hunting to corner down other people. And so have we done it with the nature as well! Nature too has become a victim of man's actions. My dear fellow beings, it is not the comfort that we have to run behind but it for thorough knowledge in order to gain 'oneness' amongst us. Its high time that we understand what 'living' is and act accordingly.


Arun said...

Reading in the morning good thoughts, really good though I always wonder, the innocence of child with which every human being is gifted is lost as they grow. Good to read, thought provoking as well. Have a nice day

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sir! Indeed, the gift of innocence is blessed to all but we do not know when innocence will shed its bitter consequences! Losing out on innocence yet growing wise serves a part of the solution, I would say! :)

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