Friday, 4 July 2014

much ado about nothing...

Of late, I have been thinking about whether tattoos affect anyone's personality?

Just yesterday, when I told my decision, about taking up a teaching job at one of the Degree Colleges, to my dad, he immediately questioned me - "Do you think they'll allow a teacher with tattoos on her hand?" And I had nothing to say!

No matter what reasons I have for being inked, the world (majority) still considers this trend a taboo! The reason that the management (at schools, or colleges) give is that a teacher with a tattoo would set a bad impression on students and that the parents fear if children are influenced by this trend. But let me tell you something, if you have reared your children in the right way, then where is the room for you to fear about them being influenced? And please don't give them wrong notions that all tattooed and pierced people are 'bad', because they are not!

My brother, too, has 4 tattoos done and he is a teacher, who is doing good at the job. Now, just because he is tattooed, does he fail to carry out his duties? Folks, the world is changing, please change according to times and if you still don't want to mingle with the contemporary trends then please for heaven's sake don't teach your children that people following the contemporary trends are a bad lot!

If you consider a tattooed teacher would be a bad option to teach your child, well, let me tell you, your child also gets wrongly influenced by the electronic gadgets (cellphones, play stations, televisions, etc.) and many more. Please stop judging someone negatively just because he/she has tattoo(s) on his/her body.

To the educational institution where I went, they probably would have noticed the tiny tattoo on my right arm wrist (a Swasthik design) and didn't say anything (maybe they wouldn't have noticed!); and because I had worn a half-arm length overcoat, the other tattoo (a Johnnie Walker logo design) on the upper right arm was not visible. Well, I can't cover it all the time! It's not that I am much concerned about a tattooed arm, my aim is to teach students effectively. But, somewhere questions as such puts me off, and for a moment I tend to regret for having been inked.

Do let me know your thoughts on this!


Arun said...

Very thoughtful posting. I started thinking about your posting. Primarily the reason being Are people still looking tattoo as taboo? Particularly in the educated ITed developed cities where tattoos are normal. Others reasons: I have seen parents, teachers with tattoos visible in educational institutions I don't mind as long as the tattoo is cute and good on them. I have seen a 8th std. student (this is really rare to me) with 2 tattoos on arms (by the way she was looking cute). My father had a tattoo with a design and name on his hand (though not for fashion, an elderly wandering tribe lady needled him without a fee when he was young), he was a teacher with good name. To me as long as teacher is doing job responsibly the tattoo should not be a problem. Students are smart now they will ask the questions about the tattoo as well, teacher should be able to talk about freely without making it as a big thing. No need for regret as I feel needling tattoo is once's choice. I also wonder (as I read somewhere) is there a theory about why people needle tattoo or piercing,

Suhasini Srihari said...

Thank you Sir for reading through my write-up. And getting tattooed at that young age (8th std.), perhaps even I wouldn't be comfortable with that. I did check up online for theories on why people get tattoos or piercings and this link was the only one I could be satisfied with - .

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