Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Guilty Pleasure

I've been thinking over a question which many people have asked me. They see me writing and utter, "So, you still use an ink pen?" (Well, back in 90s and prior to that, we called fountain pens as ink pens!) They just don't stop at that, they continue, "Ink pens! Should be a mess while filling ink and these pens leak a great deal. How do you manage? Do you carry an ink cloth everytime?" I would simply evade the question or blandly answer them with a forceless "No!" But it's about time I came up with a definite answer. Ink pens or fountain pens require good care, if you are using a fountain pen, then the first thing that's expected of you is, "Know thy pen!" If you know how your pen works, then you will not have a mess while filling ink nor while writing with it. I proudly confess that using a fountain pen to write, a luxury one at that, is one of my guilty pleasures.


Kiran Samat said...

I have never had any issues with my fountain pens, are they supposed to be messy? :P

Suhasini Srihari said...

Well, if you don't take good care of them, then they might turn out to be messy!

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