Thursday, 18 August 2016

magical reverie building

Amidst the pleasantries, in the aura of the zing, the dragon and I were reunited. The green pastures over-headed by the vast blue of the sky, the gentle little creatures grazing their daily meals, and the little winged friends fluttering their wings to add music to the already sweet melody, it was a paradise. A blissful imagination that lasted long for once, and I was too moved to question the certainty of this reverie. The glasshouse of dreams echoed with strings of joyful conversations and endearing messages. None could enter this world, for a kind heart guarded this house. As strong as those rough hands and sharp claws were, he bore a heart that could bleed at the slightest touch of pain. Red eyes with fiery throat, yet as gentle as a baby's touch, he was there for me always.

The mind was tricky enough to dissuade me from my actual treasure, and I went across the world in search of a treasure. I had created a hell in heaven, and the mind was there to simply witness the fun. The songs of the battles lost and won stood to make history, they reverberated in the mind and gave me strength to make heaven in hell. It was the mind's play after all. 

Perhaps this comeback was destined to happen on the journey, and I was delighted to unravel the mysteries that were in stored.


Arun said...

I am sure the unravelling the mystery makes journey of life more interesting and worth exploring.

Suhasini Srihari said...

Indeed. We are all here on a specific purpose, and mostly the purpose remains the same for all.

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