Monday, 22 August 2016

magical reverie revisited

The Odysseus in me took to a voyage that lasted eternity. The infinite minutes I counted while sitting on the deck, looking at the sail being favoured by the wind, and the bowsprit trying to touch the horizon - all had now become a part of me. Sins had marred the physical, yet the soul remained sincere to Gods that ruled the hearts of desire and passion. An unquenchable thirst with an urgent passion to relinquish the voyage, but I had to continue, for the reverie didn't allow me to wake up.

Once again, imagining the young Margaret who cried over the unleaving of the Golden Groove, I was back into the proper incunabula. Life made meaning, and imagination within an imagination was chaotically appealing. Mystery was just the name given to the most simplest of happenings. There was no mystery in any happenings, for they all followed nature's laws. The emotions that wavered in me were the real catalysts of making the world seem mysterious. The mind was overridden by the heart, and the wildly unreasonable now made sense.

The absurdities tended to recede and the picture resolving to take a crystal clear front, the voyage continued.


Arun said...

After reading the post I am at doubt about functioning of "heart" and "mind" though many a times one would have read some where or the other but crept back in to my mind? about the the mysteries of life and how we work on them.

Suhasini Srihari said...

These mysteries will remain the same until we let go of rationalizing even the minutest of details. Perhaps, solutions have a way of finding us, and that again is a mystery.

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